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Avid Video Editing Software Review

The latest Avid video editing software, marketed as Avid Xpress Pro HD video editing software is definitely one of the higher end professional video editing software applications in the market today. The software is packed with features, and since it is professional software, it might not be suitable for amateur home editors who are just trying to edit some of their home videos of their firstborn or their first trip to Florida.

Let us see what the Avid Xpress Pro HD video editing software has on offer, and for whom will it be a good buy.

Firstly, it is important to mention that this Avid video editing software has everything that a professional video editor wants and more, but the thing is most of the features might not be in an easily understandable format. The interface is simple enough, and the basic features such as the timeline and application of special effects and graphics features are all present within the software. But the problem might arise in actually locating the features. In some features, the normal click-button-and-apply approach is not used. For example, if you want to convert a video into black and white, you will need to apply any color and then turn the saturation level to zero.

This clearly illustrates that the Avid editing software is not for the typical home video editors who are just trying to pep up their home videos a bit. For using Avid, you will need to know more than the general home video editor.

At the same time, this Avid editing software is not too high-end and sophisticated either. To understand what I mean, you will not be able to make Matrix-type effects with this software tool. But if you want to make a good looking Charlie’s Angels type of editing, you will be able to. Avid Xpress Pro HD video editing software is good enough for television type editing, but not fit for cinematic excellence. That is decided by the kind of features and applications it has.

Still, Avid Xpress Pro HD remains one of the best digital video editing software tools in the market today. It is packed with stock features. It has a humongous number of audio tracks, music files, transition effects, graphics and even has eight stock video tracks. It allows for key framing, time coding, timeline transfers, customizing the stock features it has, making color corrections, editing the audio inputs in it, etc. Looking at the features it is packed with, Avid Xpress Pro HD does stand as one of the most capable digital video editing software applications present today.

Avid video editing software is very good for students of video editing, who are planning to get a hands-on experience with professional film editing techniques. This application will let them know most of the features that professional film editors use. The software is also good for home editors who have learnt the ropes of basic editing properly and now want to churn out something extra special. At a comparatively cheap price, the Avid Xpress Pro HD video editing software does remain as a good value-for-money editing package today.